The year 2020 saw us make more use of our living rooms than ever before. As it stands the new year may not be much different.

So, like many of us, you may be starting to feel the tug of over-familiarity after having looked at the same four walls day after day.

Perhaps it is time for a living room remodel?

Before diving into designing a new look, let’s take a look at some of the living room trends you will see on the rise in 2021.

Bringing Back the Roaring Twenties

Consider bringing a little bit of the 1920s into the modern age by mixing a touch of art deco into your living room. Shapes should be streamlined, sleek and angular.

Make use of colour-schemes that are black, gold and white as they will add enormously to the finished look. If you feel bold, a black gloss finish on your walls is a stand-out art deco look.

Accessorise with rugs and cushions that have bold animal prints. Finish the room with armchairs that are barrel-backed in design with sleek black wooden finishes.

Earthy Tones & Natural Products

Bring back nature into the home. Earth tones in our paint choices and materials will be all the rage in 2021. Expect rattan and jut rugs and floor coverings to make a come-back.

Also, moving away from vinyl floor coverings to more natural high-quality wood flooring will be big this year. Dark, real hardwoods are becoming very popular for their style and long last qualities.

Installing a wooden floor is a great way to match with this earthy theme and bring some outside inside. It also feels great underfoot!

Tranquil Dawn, a warming elemental shade of green, was named the Dulux ‘Colour of the Year’ in 2020. It is expected this need for a more natural heart in the centre of our homes will continue into 2021 with more green paints making it onto our walls.

Gallery Walls

A huge home decor trend that will grow in 2021 is the gallery wall. Alike in functionality to an accent wall, a gallery wall aims to fill it from top to bottom in pictures and art.

Reminiscent of the gallery halls of the great houses of England over a century ago the bigger you go, the better. Choose one large wall of your living room and cover it in frames. Don’t be afraid to try a diverse range of frame sizes and colours.

Be Bold!

In the colour space in 2021, a major theme will be using deep, bold colours and setting them off against neutrals.

Designers have noticed how more people are starting to design their homes with greater confidence. Deep, dark colours on the walls such as a lush forest green matched with a dark wooden floor grew in popularity in 2020.

In a similar vein, a large, statement piece of furniture will sit well in this theme. Go bold with your colour choice for an armchair or sofa and contrast it against more neutral tones on the walls. The effect is stunning.

New Year, New Living Room Trends

The living room trends for 2021 will about pushing outside of your comfort zone whilst remaining comfortable. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Don’t be afraid to try new colours and looks. 2021 will be a year of contrast to the year just gone. Reflect this in your personal home design.

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