While new architecture and designs keep arriving every season without fail, a few stay timeless—shaker cabinets are one such kind. If you follow home decor magazines regularly, you know that every edition gets a new illustrious cover offering a lot of innovation to the interiors. However, each edition will feature at least one style with these cabinets which originated ages ago.

Shaker Cabinet: The Origin

To gauge the popularity of the shaker cabinet, you have to travel back to the 18th century when this style actually took form. It was a religious group—The United Society of Believers or more commonly known as the Shakers that existed in Manchester used to follow a pattern in furniture making that was named after their group. Back then, it was not only the shaker cabinet but shaker furniture! The features that made their furniture stand out were:

  • muted color schemes
  • solid door handles made of wood
  • wooden drawer fronts

It was in the late 19th century that this craftsmanship garnered immense popularity, credit goes to its simplistic approach delivering exquisite designs. The shaker style cabinets are still very much in demand and they, in fact, are considered classics in the sphere of furnishings.

Why These Cabinets Are So Popular to Date?

Shaker cabinets have been highly versatile throughout all these years. Right from the living room to the cooking space, these cabinets can fit anywhere with so much ease and elegance. But apart from that, there are a bunch of other reasons why people still choose to go with this traditional style of cabinetry for their home sweet home:

  1. The Simple Method of Construction

Every period reflects its own ethos through its art and culture. The era, in which shaker cabinets originated, resonated with ornamentation and also marked the movement of neoclassical architecture. Although these iconic styles predominated in the western world, the shakers gradually made their way into the realm, winning mass popularity in the next century.

They were and still are simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Constructed using frames and panels known as rail and stile, they are usually identified by a flat, center panel that is surrounded by unadorned framing. Their appearance is pretty seamless for the hinges stay hidden.

  1. They Have a Multifaceted Presence

Nowadays homeowners like to invest in a luxury home that exhibits a well-devised theme. From the futuristic appearances to the rustic look, from ultra-modern to a balanced out mien, shaker furniture or cabinets vibe well with any theme. This is because these cabinets maintain a clean line and finish which helps them to pair well even with the marble countertops or the luxe details as well as the transitional kitchens.

  1. They Can Be Easily Customized

Truth is, the shaker cabinetries create a visual impression no matter whichever way they are being used. If you have always been an admirer of the white, airy kitchen, mirroring sophistication, then you can simply paint them white or buy the white ones.

To achieve that chequered look or add some depth to your indoors, you can install the black cabinets or even mix and match them with whites—it creates a wonderful contemporary bespoke kitchen.

If it is a good old farmhouse or you have designed your kitchen in a rustic manner, then the plain or even stained cabinets are a perfect fit.

  1. They Can Be Accessorized with Any Type of Hardware

No matter what hardware you pick for your shaker cabinets, they never look out of place. However, to attain the level of perfection you can be a little selective by following the below-mentioned suggestions:

  • For the cozy cottage or the farmhouses, choose the classic ceramic knobs.
  • If your cabinets showcase a few old world artifacts, vases, French perfume bottles, crockeries, etc., then the elegant glass knobs can do justice to the entire look.
  • For the modern kitchen styles having industrial lighting and stainless steel glass, the brass or nickel knobs are ideal.
  • The darker finished kitchens with bigger tiles, the tubular bars of different shapes and sizes are a great choice.
  • The sleek, flat bar pulls are both sharp and smooth. To reinforce quartz countertops, intricate tiles, and light or dark cabinets, you can use them.
  • The bin pulls can add a vintage appeal, combining an array of door handle types.
  • The retro latchesalthough considered not so functional can add additional safety if you have kids or pets at home.
  • The pulls with exposed screws are extremely trendy and are preferred by many for their chic outlook. If your kitchen is equipped with stainless-steel housewares, then these pulls can enhance the charm effectively.
  1. They Are Budget-Friendly

The shaker cabinets are less expensive than other kitchen furnishings and are available in several online retail stores in ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled structures. However, the prices do vary depending on the type of wood used, the stylization, precision, or the area of your kitchen or indoor space.

Today, the shaker cabinets are made of hardwoods like Maple and Cherry, and the doors of Oak, Pine, etc. The high-quality materials always use hard-wearing timbers so that you get the best of both worlds—the quintessential periodic poise and the 21st-century finesse!