The Grandstream GRP2612P features affordability with a sleek design and a suite of next-generation features including WiFi support on the GRP2612W and PoE on the GRP2612W & GRP2612P. Key features include 16 digital multi-purpose keys (VPKs), a color LCD with swappable face plates for easy company logo customization and more. The GRP series includes carrier-grade security features to provide enterpriselevel security, including secure boot, dual firmware images and encrypted data storage area. For cloud provisioning and centralized management, the GRP2612 is supported by Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS), which gives a centralized user interface to configure, provision, manage and keep an eye on deployments of Grandstream endpoints.

Grandstream GRP2612P ip Phone: No POE, comes with Power Adapter
GRP2612P: POE, will not come with Ability Adapter
GRP2612W: Wireless capable, POE, includes Power Adapter
Grandstream GRP2612P IP Mobile Feature Features:
Works with 2 SIP accounts and 4 multi-purpose series keys
About 12 digital BLF Keys
Dual switched auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, GRP2612W & GRP2612P supports POE
Enterprise-level security including secure boot, dual firmware images, and encrypted data storage
2 angle positions basic stand, Wall structure Mountable (Wall Support sold separately)
Swappable face plates to permit for easy logo customization
Grandstream GRP2612P Bundle Contents
GRP2612P phone, handset and cord
Phone stand
Network cable
Quick install guide
The Grandstream GRP2612P is a carrier-grade, cost-effective IP Phone which has a streamlined design, enabling easy use for an intermittent user. Additionally it is as customisable deployment with PoE and Wireless and is a great option for the reduced to medium call-volume seating.

Grandstream GRP2614 VoIP Phone Key Features

2.4″ Coloring LCD Screen
2+2 line keys, 2 SIP accounts
100M Network Port – POE
Digital BLF and Velocity Dial secrets, 4 programmable soft keys
Helps up to 16 VPKs (4 Internet pages)
500 contact phonebook
Opus support
GRP2600 Series Advantages

Replaceable LCD Cover
UI redesigned for maximum users efficiency
Can convert other brand’s config data (tool)
United firmware and configuration template
Dual-image firmware to avoid bricked devices
Opus rules support (high fidelity wideband/ narrowband)
Alias name-based Config XML
Grandstream Device Management System Support

The all new Grandstream GRP2612 (GRP2612P) is cost effective desk IP telephone solution for small business and medium sized offices where basic call functions are required. It includes a 2.4″ TFT colour screen and 4 (2+2) LED button keys which can be programmed across 4 screens totaling 16 programmable set buttons.

The GRP2600 Series IP Phones are the latest in IP telephony technology which allow for Grandstream’s Unified Firmware across all models in this series of Office phones.

Along with previous GXP21xx Series IP phones, the GXP2612 (GXP2612P) offer advanced SIP phone features and high quality HD audio with Opus Audio Codec support. This model comes in three versions, depending on your network and small business needs: GRP2612 – non-PoE version, GRP2612P – PoE capable version and the GRP2612W – WiFi (Wireless) IP Phone to connect to your network with-out the need for additional wiring.

Although this is a Basic telephone it will suit most small to medium sized business requirements for office workers, remote phone workers, common rooms, kitchens, reception areas and anywhere else basic calling telecommunication features are required.

The GRP2600 Series of phones also allow for a “Unified firmware” across all models in this generation, which makes updating and configuring simplified for mass deployments and firmware maintenance. One firmware version can be applied across the network for ALL models in this series.