In springtime, homeowners often commence improvement projects that will enhance their house’s curb appeal and boosts its value. And there’s a terrific way to increase your home’s space while also providing more ways to take pleasure from the outdoors as the elements warms up-adding a lovely, inviting porch, patio or deck.

Spring is the perfect time to increase and improve upon the outdoor spaces of your house. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of purchasing a porch or deck, or porch this year.

Gives You More Space to take pleasure from Life
A major benefit of adding outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and porches to your house is that it does increase the area you have for the approach to life you love. These spaces can provide you:

Additional seating for guests when you’re entertaining
Private outdoor areas to relax and revel in pleasant weather
More square footage, which is attractive to homebuyers
Saves Money
Outdoor spaces such as decks, porches, and patios are a great way to add character to your dwelling within an affordable way. Examine these money-saving facts:

These outdoor spaces typically don’t require homeowners to purchase drywall, carpeting, tile, plumbing, insulation or other similar elements that produce adding a fresh room pricey.
Porches and decks don’t usually count as liveable space, so they don’t typically increase your taxable square footage or increase your property taxes.
Because home buyers enjoy nice outdoor spaces, installing a porch, deck, or patio can provide your home an improvement in perceived value if you want to sell it.
Creates Greater Outdoor Enjoyment
One of the most appealing benefits associated with adding a porch, deck, or patio to your house is how well it enhances your ability to enjoy the outside world. Depending on the features you install and enough time of year, your outdoor space can:

Provide firm, comfortable flooring to walk barefoot on
Provide a roof to shield you from sun and rain
Screen out insects and pests
Keep the space cool on hot days so it’s convenient to be outside
Offer you a fun, relaxing space to enjoy the new air
Offers Comfort for Guests
In the event that you enjoy entertaining family and friends outside when the elements is nice, then you understand that the atmosphere and amenities you provide can take your outdoor parties up a notch. Which has a newly installed or remodeled deck, porch, or patio, guests can enjoy:

The identical comfortable, inviting space that your indoor areas offer, rendering it more enjoyable for guests to invest time outdoors to you
Shelter from unpleasant weather when they approach your entry way or spend amount of time in your backyard
A spot to enjoy food and drink, conversation and scenery – and a great way to offer you more room to invite more folks!
Adds some Beauty
There’s nothing like a polished look to your house’s exterior to improve curb appeal and enhance how pleased you are with your home’s appearance. Do-it-yourself projects that concentrate on the house’s outdoor spaces can truly add:

A beautiful center point to welcome in guests
An attractive design and appearance that makes your home stand out as a star in its neighborhood
A pleasing destination to add touches of your individual style and extend your design tastes to the outside of your house as well as within it
How to Get one of the most Out of the Patio Porch or Deck
When you dream and plan your ideal outdoor liveable space, retain in mind these questions to help you arrive at a porch, deck, or patio that fits you as well as your home:

Just how much space do you will need?
If you’re planning to entertain large groups outdoors frequently, or if your family is large and enjoys grilling all summer long, put in a deck that is roomy enough for a grill or two and ample seating.

Would you like an wide open area or a closed-in space?
An open deck leading naturally into the backyard may be suitable for throwing large, lazy, informal summer get-togethers. A screened-in patio is an outstanding choice for homeowners who value privacy and quiet alone time. An enclosed porch with glass windows provides added protection from thieves and weather for valuable possessions such as a stereo system, your selected books, or special furniture.

What design elements matter most for you?
Do you prefer a space made to withstand active young children and grandchildren? Would you like a space that allows you ample places to hang twinkle lights? Do you want built-in elements such as a luxury grill or fun features such as a chimenea or freestanding firepit?

Add Beautiful Outdoors Spaces to improve Your Chicago Home
Your house should be considered a warm, inviting, comfortable refuge that enhances your lifestyle-inside and outside. Adding a deck, porch, or patio-or replacing a vintage, worn existing one with a brand new, new, beautiful version-is a great do-it-yourself project that will boost your home’s value as well as your enjoyment of everything year long.

The Siding & Windows Group loves making Chicago area homeowners’ dreams become a reality with beautifully installed, superbly performing outdoor spaces that enable you to live life to the fullest. And there’s no better time than today’s to begin with on planning and building the porch, patio or deck you’ve been longing for.