World’s Fluffiest Bunny

Who doesn’t like fluffy animals? It’s a fact – people like to hug and cuddle with fuzzy dogs, cats, bunnies and other furry friends. But now, prepare to meet the fluffiest bunny in the world.

While there was no scientific study to support this claim (nope – there is no unit of fluffiness), this Angora rabbit is the fluffiest bunny, or creature for that matter, that we’ve seen. The Angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit originating from Turkey, known for its soft and long wool. Angora rabbits were extremely popular pets in the 18th century among the European royalty. Their silky wool is only 11 microns in diameter, making it finer and softer than cashmere.

Typical Angora rabbits will live anywhere from 7 to 12 years, and although every specimen is extremely furry, only one can carry the crown of theĀ world’s fluffiest bunny.

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