World’s Biggest Soccer Stadium

When somebody mentions the biggest soccer stadium in the world most people think of Maracanã in Brazil, or Camp Nou in Spain. To them it may come as a surprise that the actual biggest soccer stadium is Salt Lake Stadium, which is located in Kolkata, India.

This stadium was built in 1984, and it is mostly used for soccer matches, but it is also a home to important athletics competitions. Salt Lake Stadium has the capacity of up to 120,000 people and covers an area of 76.4 acres (309,200 m2).

worlds biggest soccer stadium

It is an interesting fact that Maracanã had the attendance of 199,854 at the final game of the 1950 FIFA World Cup, however the stadium currently seats 82,238 spectators. Camp Nou seats 99,354 spectators which is quite impressive, but still over 20,000 less than the worlds biggest soccer stadium – the Salt Lake Stadium.

salt lake stadium