World’s Biggest Scorpion

If you’re not into creepy crawlers, you might want to consider skipping this one, as we are about tho present you with the biggest scorpion in the world.

Everyone else, check out Heterometrus swammerdami, a true scorpion giant capable of reaching extraordinary size of 9 inches (22.5 cm).

Originating from India, it is actually not much of a threat to humans and is even common in the pet industry.

Biggest Scorpion

The reason why the Heterometrus swammerdami’s venom isn’t all that powerful is that very size we are talking about, as it gives the scorpion all the needed strength to kill it’s prey, eliminating the need for deadly venom.

This gigantic scorpion can weigh as much as 56 grams (2 ounces). Check out some world’s biggest scorpion pictures below.

Biggest Scorpion Heterometrus Swammerdami

Worlds Biggest Scorpion

Biggest Scorpion in the World