Top 5 Highest-Earning DJs in the World 2013

In recent years, tune-spinning became a rather lucrative business, as a selected number of world’s top DJs took the business to a whole new level, expanding their endeavors into music production and entrepreneurship domain.

If you’re wondering exactly how far have turntablists come, Forbes Magazine gives you the answer with their latest list of world’s highest-paid DJs.We decided to forge a top 5 list and bring you creme de la creme of the disc jokey world, so feel free to join us as we make our rundown.

5. Deadmau5 – $21 million

Proving that even without a hectic schedule you can still make the big-earners list, Canadian DJ Deadmau5 scored big this year with $200,000 fee for a single show. Add lucrative business deals, collaborations, production work at his Mau5trap studio and a hefty $21 million sum is secured.

Top DJs Deadmaus

4. Swedish House Mafia – $25 million

Scandinavian DJ power trio Swedish House Mafia might have broke up this March, but they sure ended on a high note. Apart from grossing an impressive total of $25 million, the group also became the first electronic act ever to perform at NY’s prestigious Madison Square Garden.

Best Paid DJ Swedish House Mafia

3. David Guetta – $30 million

Record-spinning icon David Guetta is still going strong even at the age of 35. With over 15 million singles sold around the globe, 45-year-old French even managed to bag a No. 1 DJ award back in 2011. This year, Guetta scored a neat $30 million earnings figure. Apart from live shows, his income was further generated by HP and Renault endorsements.

Richest DJ David Guetta

2. Tiesto – $32 million

When your performance fee reaches a whopping $250,000 figure, you’re bound to be in the top league, right? And that’s exactly the sum Tiesto is cashing in after each show. With a 20-year career behind him, the Dutch-born DJ established himself as one of the genre’s greats through five solo recordings. His latest studio effort, “Kiss From the Past,” dropped back in 2011.

Highest Earning DJ Tiesto

1. Calvin Harris – $46 million

Blowing away the competition and easily doubling each of contestant’s earnings comes Calvin Harris, young Scottish DJ sensation and a man who grossed in more than such music titans as Jay-Z and Katy Parry. Calvin remains modest about his success, naming electronic music boom as one of the key factors. “I happened to be in the right place at the right time,” he said. Whichever the case may be, a whopping $46 million figure speaks for itself.

Highest Earning DJ Calvin Harris