Top 10 Biggest YouTube Channels

YouTube is currently the third biggest website on the Internet with millions of people using it for watching videos and listening to their favorite music every day.

Ever since it’s launch back in February 2005, YouTube has brought stardom to many in previously unknown ways, changing the way we perform our daily routine along the way. So today we bring you our top 10 list of biggest channels on YouTube. Check it out below.

10. FPS Russia – 3.82 million subscribers

Biggest YouTube Channel FPS Russia

Guns, explosions and Mother Russia – quite a list opener, right? FPS Russia features it’s founder Kyle Myers and his fictional character Dmitri Potapoff presenting weapons and blowing up stuff like fruit, soda cans or Justin Bieber photos. Sounds like a perfect popularity recipe, right?

9. One Direction VEVO – 4.6 million subscribers

Biggest YouTube Channels One Direction

Pop sensation One Direction lands at our #9, crossing the 4 million subscribers mark for the very first time. With about 4.6 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion video views, the guys prove their current popularity in the music world.

8. Freddiew – 4.73 million subscribers

Biggest Channel YouTube Freddie Wong

This brings us to Freddie Wong, popular gamer, filmmaker and musician. Wong maintains a total of 2 YouTube channels, freddiew and freddiew2, with the first one having an impressive number of over 4.7 million subscribers.

7. PewDiePie – 5.05 million subscribers

Most YouTube Subscribers Pewdiepie

Popular Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg has made a YouTube empire by simply filming himself at what he does best – playing video games. Under the alias of Pewdiepie, Kjellberg has recently reached the figure of 5 million subscribers, rightfully finding his place on our top list.

6. Rihanna VEVO – 6.24 million subscribers

Biggest Music YouTube Channel

Highest ranking musician on YouTube in terms of subscribers number, pop sensation Rihanna, lands at number 6 as the first contestant to cross the 6 million mark. As a globally renowned performer, this 25-year-old from Barbados has sold over 75 million singles worldwide since the beginning of her career back in 2004.

5. Machinima – 6.38 million subscribers

Biggest Gaming YouTube Channel

As the biggest gaming channel on YouTube, Machinima has managed to gather a total of over 6.3 million subscribers. FeaturingĀ  gameplay videos, trailers and live streams, it has a daily growth of over 15,000 new subscribers.

4. Jenna Marbles – 7.02 million subscribers

Biggest YouTube Channels

The first one to cross the 7 million mark on our list is the popular YouTube personality Jenna Mourey, also known as Jenna Marbles. Daily growth of over 35,000 subscribers is the biggest one in the top 4, so we might say she’ll be in for a number one spot some day.

3. Nigahiga 7.07 million subscribers

Most Subscribers YouTube Channel

Another YouTube celebrity, Ryan Higa, a.k.a. Nigahiga gets to crack the top 3. With almost 7.1 million subscribers, his videos are one of the biggest things happening on YouTube right now.

2. Ray William Johnson – 7.45 million subscribers

Most Subscribers YouTube

The silver medal goes to Ray William Johnson, American actor known for his YouTube series Equals Three in which he gives his thoughts on currently viral videos. Active from 2007, he is among those who have been around for longest.

1. Smosh – 7.78 million subscribers

Biggest YouTube Channel

This brings us to our #1 – Smosh, a popular YouTube duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. With a whopping number of almost 7.8 million subscribers, these guys have crossed a number of 2 billion views with their comedy videos, rightfully earning Smosh the title of the biggest YouTube channel.