Top 10 Biggest April Fool’s Day Jokes

1962 Color TV Joke

#10 – Instant Color TV in Sweden – Back in 1962, Sweden had only one TV channel, and the it broadcasted in black and white. On April 1 of the very same year Kjell Stensson, station’s technical expert announced that viewers can put nylon stocking over their TV set, which will allow them to view it in color. He even went on to demonstrate the process.

April Fools Biggest Joke

#9 - Drunk Surfing Banned on the Internet - In 1994, PC Computing magazine published an article about the new law going through the Congress that would ban users to surf the internet while drunk. The bill was supposedly numbered 040194 (i.e. 04/01/94) and the contact person was listed as Lirpa Sloof (April Fools backwards).

Spaghetti Harvest Joke

#8 – Spaghetti Harvest in Switzerland – On April 1, 1957 BBC announced that thanks to a very mild winter, Swiss farmers were having an above average spaghetti crop. They followed this announcement with footage of peasants pulling spaghetti strands down from trees. Numerous viewers called in and wondered how they can grow their own tree.

Big Ben Digital Joke

#7 - Big Ben Going Digital - Back in 1980, BBC reported that the iconic Big Ben clock in London was scheduled to be changed to a digital readout. The article caused a massive uproar from the listeners. Furthermore, the report claimed that the clock’s hands would be given away to the fastest four listeners to contact the station.

April Fools Best Joke

#6 - Runner Runs a 26-Day Marathon - Published by Daily Mail in 1981, this funny article told a story of Japanese long-distance runner Kimo Nakajimi. Kimo didn’t speak English, so a translation error made him believe that he had to run the London Marathon for 26 days, not 26 miles. The article featured the photo of Nakajimi on the roads of England, determined to finish the race.

Left Handed Whopper

#5 - Whopper for Left-Handed People - On April 1, 1998 a Burger King ad for a “Left-Handed Whopper” appeared in USA Today. It was advertised as a perfect burger for 1.4 million of BK’s left-handed customers. The new whopper featured the same ingredients, except they were rotated 180 degrees.

Pi 3.0 Joke

#4 – Alabama Changes the Value of Pi - In April’s issue of the New Mexicans for Science and Reason newsletter, back in 1988, there was an article that claimed that the Alabama legislature had voted to change the value of Pi from 3.14 to the ‘Biblical value’ of 3.0. Soon after, the news spread via email and Alabama legislature received hundreds of calls from people who were protesting the legislation.

Top 10 April Fools Jokes

#3 - Man Flies Using Only His Lung Power - Back in 1934, the world was briefly shocked by a photo of a man reportedly flying using nothing but his lung power. Identified as German pilot Eric Kocher, the man was depicted using a peculiar device consisting of two rotors to help him channel his amazing talent.

Mount Edgecumbe Eruption

#2 - The Eruption of Mount Edgecumbe in Alaska - Residents of Sitka, Alaska woke up on the morning of April 1, 1974 to a very disturbing sight. Clouds of black smoke were rising from the crater of Mount Edgecumbe, an inactive volcano located nearby. People were terrified with the idea that it might erupt soon; however, it turned out that a local prankster was responsible for the smoke. He gathered hundreds of old tires on top of the volcano and lit them on fire, fooling everyone in the area.

Best April Fools Joke Ever

#1 – French Pilot Trolls Germans in World War I - Way back in 1915, during the WWI, a bold French aviator flew over a German camp dropping what seemed like an enormous bomb. Germans instantly scattered in panic, but the supposed bomb turned out to be nothing more that a large football with a note saying “April Fool!”