Tallest Bridge in the World

We have already seen what is the longest bridge in the world. Now let’s check out the world’s tallest bridge.

Located in the south of France, the Millau Viaduct takes the tittle of the tallest bridge in the world with the height of 1,125 ft (343 meters) at it’s tallest point. This height is measured from the base of the structure to one mast’s summit. This viaduct is part of the A75-A71 autoroute axis from Paris to Montpellier.

worlds tallest bridge

It required about 127,000 cubic metres (166,000 cubic yards) of concrete, 19,000 tonnes (21,000 short tons) of steel for the reinforced concrete and 5,000 tonnes (5,500 short tons) of pre-stressed steel for the cables and shrouds. The creators of this bridge claim that its lifetime will be at least 120 years. Construction cost was just shy of €400 million ($534.5 million, according to the today’s exchange rate) and it was opened for traffic in December, 2004.

millau viaduct tallest bridge
tallest bridge in the world