5 Oldest Dogs of All Time

Man’s best friend is a title that describes them to their very core, and if it was up to their owners, they would probably live forever.

We’re talking about dogs of course, and although they can’t actually live forever, several of them have reached an age few would even dream about.

If a number of over 206 dog years doesn’t impress you, you might as well stop reading this article.

Everyone else, check out our list of 5 oldest dogs of all time.

5. Minius – over 27 years, 282 days

Oldest dog in all of Poland, a cross-breed named Minius, was rescued in 1985 from the streets of Poznan and still lives to this very day.

As it is impossible to determine his actual age, Minius is actually a contender for the title of the world’s oldest dog, but unfortunately we’ll most likely never know.

4. Lady – 29 years

Born in the year of 1908, a poodle named Lady died on August the 6th 1937 at the biblical age of 29.

Since the information from that time is scarce, Lady is also one of the potential contenders for our list’s #1, but once again, we probably won’t ever find out.

3. Max – 29 years, 76 days and counting

Oldest Dog Ever

The oldest living dog in the world, Max the terrier has reached the amazing age of over 29 years.

That’s over 207 canine years. Just to make this more clear, the oldest human in the world reached a number of mere 122 years.

oldest dog max

2. Bluey – 29 years, 160 days

Oldest Dog in the World

Bluey the Australian cattle dog has had a long life of working among sheep and cattle for over 20 years.

With a total life span of 29 years and 160 days, he lands at our #2, as much as a month behind the big number one.

1. Bella – 29 years, 193 days

oldest dog bella

This brings us to the very top of our list and Bella the Labrador.

Born in 1979, Bella had lived for staggering 29 years and 193 days, making her the oldest dog of all time.

When she was put to sleep after suffering a heart attack, it was a sad day indeed, as the bond she made with her owner David Richardson during such a long period was something very unique.

oldest dog