Most Venomous Snake in the World

With a venom so strong that it can kill over 250,000 mice with a dose contained in a single bite, the Inland Taipan, or the Fierce snake, easily grabs the title of the world’s most venomous snake.

Located in central to eastern Australia, it does little to live up to its “fierce” reputation, as it is neither massive, nor hostile.

With an average length of less than 6.5 feet (2 m), the Inland Taipan tends to stay clear from danger, mostly opting to escape the threat rather than to take it head-on.

Most Venomous Snake

But once it actually strikes is when all hell breaks loose. Not only does it have the deadliest of all snake venoms, but it also attacks by inflicting multiple bites, making the probability of fatal outcome even higher. The venom itself is mostly consisted of neurotoxin, meaning that it attacks the nerve system with tremendous speed.

Steve Backhall recently faced the dreaded snake on BBC’s “Deadly 60″ show, giving the viewers an insight of his hands-on experience with the deadly creature. As you can see in the video below, the Indian taipan coils its body into an S-shape, enabling it to spring itself straight onto its opponent.

Although it is not the world’s biggest snake, the Indian Taipan certainly is a creature you ought to steer away from if you ever encounter it. Just a single wrong move and you might be pushing the daisies in a matter of seconds.

Deadliest Snake Inland Taipan

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Most Venomous Snake in the World

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