Most Expensive Burger in the World

Would you spend $50 dollars on a burger? Most people would agree that is quite a steep price, but how does $5,000 for one burger sound? Yes, that’s exactly how much the most expensive burger in the world costs.

If you have a big appetite and a bigger wallet, you can buy this burger in Las Vegas restaurant called “Fleur de Lys”.┬áThe burger patty is made up of Kobe beef, which is a very expensive cut of beef that can cost hundreds of dollars. It also contains duck foie gras, a special truffle sauce and it is served with black truffles on the side.

However, that is not all – what actually makes up most of the price of this meal is the expensive bottle of Chateau Petrus, that is served with the burger. Let’s say you buy this burger and go along to tell your friends about it, who will believe that you spent $5000 on a burger? Don’t worry, people from “Fleur de Lys” thought about that, and they will mail a certificate of authenticity to your home, so you can brag all you want.

most expensive burger in the world