Longest Song Ever Recorded

If you’re a music fan, there must have been at least one point when you’ve asked yourself “What is the longest song in the world?“.

This question is not as easy to answer as you might think. With so many releases out there, it even became hard to distinguish a song from a non-music recording.

So in our search for the longest song in the world we decided to set some rules first – no infinite loops, no noise music and only actual recorded music is taken into consideration.

Longest Song in the World

As you might have expected, this brings us back to the 70s and the golden age of prog rock, the time when 20+ minute songs were nothing unusual. Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, ELP, Genesis were some of the bands who crossed the 20+ minute mark with their tracks.

But the longest song ever recorded lasts almost 4 times more than those 20 minutes. Released by the great Mike Oldfield back in 1978, it is called Incantations and has an astonishing total length of 72:44 (one hour, 12 minutes and 44 seconds).

Longest Song Ever Mike Oldfield

This prog rock gem was originally released as a double vinyl album, with the entire record consisting of a single track divided into four parts. If we were to compare it with the shortest song in the world, Napalm Death’s “You Suffer”, it would prove as much as over 3,300 times longer. You can check out the track here.

As far as other notable mentions go, there is a project called Longplayer which is currently trying to make a 1000 years long song. It started back in 2000 and is planed to finish at the very end of 2999. We should also mention a band called Bull of Heaven and their “The Chosen Priest And Apostle Of Infinite Space” track which lasts an astonishing 1,453:00:00, or 2 months and 13 hours. However, this can’t be fully qualified as music, as Bull of Heaven is a noise band and the song itself consists of many repeating loops. Therefore, Mr. Oldfield remains the rightful owner of the world’s longest song.

Longest Song Recorded

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