Longest Road in the World

If you’re a fan of the open road, we just might have something for your bucket list – traveling the world’s longest road. And by traveling we mean in it’s entirety, taking you from the freezing Alaska in the north to the most southern point of Argentina.

It’s called the Pan-American Highway, it stretches through a total of 18 countries with a whopping length of 29,800 miles (47,958 km) and yes, it is the longest road in the world.

Longest Road in the World

Traveling this mega-road would take you through basically all of the world’s climates, from the misty mountains, through the arid deserts and thick jungles.

But it would also be a dangerous trip to take, a true adventure. Some of it’s parts are barely passable, meaning you might need somewhat of a different vehicle than your regular car. The most notable highway gap is the so called Darien Gap, a 54 miles (87 km) long section located in Panama with some rather dense jungles. This section can only be crossed using a terrain vehicle, with a bicycle or on foot. Insects, swamps and various wildlife animals are just some of the hazards you might come across, so be well prepared.

Longest Road World

As we have already noted, this is not an adventure for everyone, but imagine the stories and wonders you’d encounter. Some might consider this the ultimate adventure, others might simply call it the ultimate madness, it’s up to you to make your own opinion or pick sides. Finally, we’ll leave you with a full alphabetical list of all 18 countries the Pan-American Highway passes through.

Costa Rica
El Salvador
United States

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