Fastest Computer in the World

Here’s one for all you tech people out there. If you’re as much as slightly interested in computers, you’ve probably wondered what is the world’s fastest computer.

It comes from Nvidia with an appropriate name Рthe Titan. This supercomputer can perform an astonishing 27 quadrillion (27,000,000,000,000,000) operations (27 petaFLOPS) in a single second. Within an hour, it can do more work than an average computer can for 20 years.

Fastest Computer Nvidia Titan

The Titan uses about 9 megawatts of power, an equivalent of a small town with 5,000 people. Located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, it uses the same technology that powers game consoles such as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

With such an awesome power, this mega-computer is bound to change the course of science, or even mankind in years to come.

Fastest Computer in the World

World's Fastest Computer

Fastest Computer Titan

Fastest Computer Nvidia

Fastest Computer