Countries That Consume the Most Fast Food

Fast Food Sweden

6. Sweden – McDonald’s - In order to attract more customers, Swedish fast food chains use an interesting tactic including so-called temporary menus. McDonald’s is leading the way with 28% of the market.

Germany Fast Food

5. Germany – McDonald’s/Burger king - McDonald’s and Burger King lead the fast food way in Germany, but Nordsee and Subway are blazing not too far behind.

England Fast Food

4. United Kingdom – McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC - UK offers a truly vast array of fast food chains, placing McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC among the market leaders.

Tim Hortons Canada Logo

3. Canada – Tim Hortons - Canada has its own representative of the fast food industry, and it’s called Tim Hortons. Not too powerful outside Canada, the multicultural company made a strong empire within its home realm.

Subway Fast Food France

2. France – Subway - If you’ve ever been to Paris, you might have noticed a Subway restaurant on just about every corner. However, McDonald’s is at the very top as well.

Fast Food United States

1. United States – McDonald’s - The home of the fast food industry, the United States, are expectedly grabbing the No. 1 spot. Of course, McDonald’s is the No. 1 chain in the US.