Top 10 Biggest Websites

Probably the most important phenomenon of the 21st century, the Internet has taken the world by storm.

With a total number of 2.27 billion global users, it has changed the way we communicate, learn, gather information and basically live our lives.

Throughout the years, many websites have stood out in their size and number of users.

And not only that, as some of them have even got themselves a place in non other than the English dictionary. If this doesn’t ring a bell, well, you can “Google it”.

Since we like things big, we present you the biggest of the big. Check out our top 10 biggest websites list below.

10. Amazon

Biggest Website Amazon

As the world’s largest online retailer, gets to kick off our list. Founded in 1994, Amazon became one of the most successful companies in the world, employing an impressive number of almost 70,000 workers.


Biggest Website Internet

A total of almost 712 million active accounts makes China’s one of the most visited websites out there. The highest number of online users once reached a record-breaking 176,375,723 visitors.

08. Twitter

Biggest Website Twitter

World’s second biggest social network, Twitter, lands on #8 with it’s 500 million active monthly users.

07. Windows Live

Biggest Website Windows

Microsoft’s Windows Live provides a vast number of services and products for all Windows users. Since it’s launch in November 2005 reached a number of about 330 million registered users.

06. Wikipedia

Biggest Websites in the World

The biggest encyclopedia in the world and one of the leading information sources of our time, the Wikipedia provides the Internet community with a total of 23 million articles on various subject, an astonishing figure to say the least.

05. Baidu

Biggest Websites Ever

The leading Chinese search engine and the biggest website in China, has made it to the very middle of our top list.

04. Yahoo

Biggest Sites Yahoo

One of the oldest websites on our list, the Yahoo! has gone through some both good and harsh times since it’s launch in 1995.

Best known as a search engine, it also provides a wide spectre of other services, such as Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Mail and others.

03. YouTube

Biggest Sites in the World

A part of the gigantic Google company since November 2006, YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world.

Used for watching videos, listening to music and various other purposes, it lands amongst the big 3.

02. Facebook

Biggest Website

The world’s biggest social network – Facebook is definitely one of those websites that changed our everyday routine.

Chances are you already have a Facebook profile, as the number of total registered users has recently passed a staggering number of 1 billion people.

01. Google

Biggest Websites

The biggest search engine, the biggest Internet company and of course, the biggest website in the world, Google has revolutionized the way Internet functions on so many levels.

Launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 as a research project, Google has gone nowhere but up ever since, ultimately becoming the #1 Internet site.