Top 5 Biggest US Dollar Bills

US Dollar is the official currency of the United States and one of the most used currencies around the globe.

The most valuable USD bill you can find in circulation is the one with Benjamin Franklin and a $100 mark on it.

However, at certain points in US history, even higher bills were available, usually in much smaller quantity, but reaching astonishing figures of up to $100,000.

So it’s time to check out our top 5 list of the biggest US dollar bills.

5. $500 bill

500 Dollar Bill

Released three times in history, in 1879, 1918 and 1934, the $500 bill featured John Quincy Adams, Chief Justice John Marshall and President William McKinley on the obverse.

Biggest Dollar Bill 500


4. $1,000 bill

1000 Dollar Bill

Released twice in US history, the $1,000 bill featured Alexander Hamilton and President Grover Cleveland on the obverse. In May 2009 it was officially confirmed that 165,372 of them still exist.

Biggest Dollar Bill 1000


3. $5,000 bill

5000 Dollar Bill

Featuring the fourth US president James Madison on the obverse, the $5,000 bill was printed in a total of three periods in history, around the same time as the $500 bill.

Worlds Largest Dollar Bill


2. $10,000 bill

10000 Dollar Bill

With only 336 still in existence, the $10,000 bill is a true rarity almost impossible to find. Chief Justice Salmon Portland Chase can be found on the obverse of all three series. But despite the very high figure, this is still not the most valuable US dollar bill out there.

Biggest Dollar 10000


1. $100,000 bill

100000 Dollar Bill

This brings us to our #1, the biggest US dollar bill of all time and a whopping figure of $100,000. Although they were not circulated among the general public, the $100,000 bills still existed and were printed for less than a month, from December 18, 1934 to January 9, 1935. With President Woodrow Wilson on the obverse, this is without a doubt the largest US dollar bill you can find.

Biggest Dollar Bill

by Dusan T.