Biggest University in the World

With India being one of the world’s biggest countries, it’s no wonder that it is also a home to Indira Gandhi National Open University, the biggest university in the world.

Established in 1985, it was named after former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and educates an astonishing number of 3,500,000 students, with 800,000 postgraduates.

Known as “the people’s university,” IGNOU focuses a great deal of its efforts to the promotion of distance learning around India, especially within the remote parts of the country.

Biggest University IGNOU

Apart from India, IGNOU also serves students in 40 other countries, with 59 regional centers, 2,600 study centers, 52 overseas centers and a total of 21 schools. Including a number of 310 programs in offer, it employs over 200 academics and almost 1,500 administrative staff. With a massive research unit, IGNOU proves itself as a crucial education center of the region, as well as the world. Although it was founded 27 years after the Turkish Anadolu University, the world’s second biggest university, it is almost twice as bigger in terms of student numbers.

Biggest University in the World