Biggest Truck in the World

It can fill an average-sized house with coal from the very bottom to the top ceiling, it’s three stories high, it can carry up to astonishing 447 tons of coal an yes, it’s the biggest truck in the world.

This custom built giant was made in Wyoming by the Westech company. The funny thing is, it didn’t even occur to them that they have a world record at hand.

As chief engineer Rick Reynolds points out, the production was already well in the design process when he realized they are working on a record-breaker.

Biggest Truck

With those gigantic 12 foot wheels, this mega-truck can carry more load than 4 and a half railroad cars. It was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records committee as the truck with the biggest haul capacity in the world.

Biggest Truck in the World

Worlds Biggest Truck