Biggest Smokers in the World by Countries

biggest smokers montenegro

10 – Montenegro – 2,157 cigarettes per adult annually - Montenegro is a tiny country located in the southeastern part of Europe. It is a popular summer destination for countries in the region, and it gets to open our list of biggest smokers in the world.

biggest smokers belarus

9 – Belarus – 2,266 cigarettes per adult annually - Belarus borders Russia to the northeast and Ukraine to the south, and has a population of nearly 10 million people. According to statistics, every adult smokes 2,266 cigarettes every year.

biggest smokers bosnia

8 – Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2,278 cigarettes per adult annually - Bosnia is another small country located in Eastern Europe. Yearly wages in the country are among the smallest in the region, but cigarette consumption is among the highest.

biggest smokers slovenia

7 – Slovenia – 2,369 cigarettes per adult annually - Slovenia is located in Central Europe, and borders countries like Italy and Austria. With more than 2350 cigarettes consumed by every adult annually it brings us one step closer to the top five.

biggest smokers ukraine

6 – Ukraine – 2,401 cigarettes per adult annually - Ukraine got a lot of press in 2014 due to political situation in the country. It might be stress or some other reasons, but Ukrainian adults consume just over 2,400 cigarettes annually.

Biggest Smokers in the World

5. Moldova – 2,479 cigarettes per adult annually – Located between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova gets to crack our list in half with nearly 2,500 smoked cigarettes per adult on a yearly basis.

Biggest Smokers Russia

4. Russia – 2,786 cigarettes per adult annually – As clearly the biggest country on the list, Russia’s bringing us a step closer to the Top 3, crossing the 2,700 mark along the way.

Biggest Smokers Countries

3. Greece – 2,795 cigarettes per adult annually – Proving the total domination of Eastern Europe, Greece comes as the first Big 3 name, merely few steps away from the 2,800 mark.

Most Cigarettes Smoked Country

2. Bulgaria – 2,822 cigarettes per adult annually – Eastern Europe again, this time around a bit closer to the Black Sea. It’s Bulgaria we’re talking about and an impressive 2,822 figure.

Biggest Smokers

1. Serbia – 2,869 cigarettes per adult annually – Topping the list as a clear winner, Serbia managed to reach the 2,869 mark and grab the title of the world’s top-smoking country.