World’s Biggest Ice Cream Cone

Thousands of ice cream lovers gathered in Gloucester, United Kingdom last July to see the unveiling of the biggest ice cream cone in the world.

The giant vanilla scoop that was placed on top of a massive cone using the forklift weighed an amazing 2,204 pounds (1 tonne) and took a whole month to freeze!

The cone stood about 13 feet (4 meters) tall, which was more than enough to surpass the previous record of 9 feet (2.75 meters) set in 2011. It was created by the Heston Blumenthal, a famous English chef, who owns a three-Michelin-starred restaurant called The Fat Duck.

biggest ice cream cone

“The existing world record is about two and a half metres and we wanted to smash it,” Heston Blumenthal said. “I had this quest to try to bring back the ice cream van I remembered as a kid. I was going to tell all the kiddies that if your parents tell you the noise of the ice cream van means there’s no ice cream, it’s not true.”

The ice cream was, of course, distributed to the hungry crowd; however, they had to eat it plain, since most of the strawberry sauce and sprinkles that had been catapulted onto the cone didn’t stick.

worlds biggest ice cream cone
biggest ice cream
biggest ice cream cone in the world