6 Biggest Ferris Wheels in the World

Not as intense as those crazy roller coasters and yet not your typical Merry-Go-Round, Ferris wheel is a ride bound to be loved by all, young and old, adventurous ones as well as those who prefer things in a more relaxed manner.

Originally constructed in 1893 by an American engineer George Washington Gale Ferris Jr, the famous ride has captured the hearts of anyone looking for a good time and a good ride.

The bigger, the better is what most say about Ferris wheels. Therefore, we present you a top 6 list of biggest Ferris wheels in the world.

6. Tianjin Eye – 394 ft (120 m)

Biggest Ferris Wheel China

One of the China’s 394 ft (120 m) giants, Tianjin Eye is well known for it’s beautiful appearance.

It is also a very nice way to open out top list.

Biggest Ferris Wheel Tianjin Eye


5. The Southern Star – 394 ft (120 m)

Biggest Ferris Wheel Australia

Opened in December 2008, The Southern Star in Melbourne, Australia stayed operational for mere 40 days prior to being forced to close it’s doors to public due to critical structural defects.

With a height equivalent to a 40 story building, this ride easily made our list.

Biggest Ferris Wheel Melbourne


4. Suzhou Ferris Wheel – 394 ft (120 m)

Biggest Ferris Wheel China

One of the biggest Ferris wheels in China, Suzhou Ferris Wheel, can take up to 300 passengers, which puts this colossal ride among the highest capacity rides in the world.

Constructed in 2009, it is without a doubt the biggest eye-catcher of the entire Suzhou Industrial Park.

Biggest Ferris Wheel Suzhou


3. London Eye – 443 ft (135 m)

Biggest Ferris Wheel In Europe

With a height of 443 ft (135 m), England capitol’s London Eye is the biggest Ferris Wheel in the western hemisphere.

It is considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in England with over 3.5 million yearly visitors.

Biggest Ferris Wheel London Eye


2. The Star of Nanchang – 525 ft (160 m)

Biggest Ferris Wheel in China

The biggest Ferris wheel in China, the Star of Nanchgang, had cost an astonishing $7.3 million to build in 2006.

With a capacity of 480 passengers, it is definitely one gigantic structure.


1. Singapore Flyer – 541 ft (165 m)

Biggest Ferris Wheel in the World

The giant among giants, the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, the enormous Singapore Flyer took over 3 years to build with a staggering price of $180 million dollars.

With 600,000 annual visitors, this mega ride can generate up to $105 million per year, not an easy feat by all means.

Biggest Ferris Wheel

Biggest Ferris Wheel Ever