Biggest Fast-Food Chains in the World

dominos pizza

#8 – Domino’s Pizza – 10,500 locations worldwide - Domino’s pizza is very popular pizza choice in the U.S., but even more so worldwide. It has locations in 73 countries, mainly overseas. Domino’s Pizza brings in about $1.8 billion in revenue.

pizza hut

#7 – Pizza Hut – 11,200 locations worldwide - With over 160,000 employees Pizza Hut is definitely the biggest pizza chain in the U.S. Although it has locations in more countries (94) than Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut has actually less restaurants worldwide.

burger king

#6 – Burger King – 13,000 locations worldwide - If you’re sick and tired of McDonalds, and you’re craving a fast-food burger chances are you’re considering to go to the Burger King. While it’s not available in as many countries, there are still over 13 thousand locations in 79 countries that bring in about $2 billion in revenue every year.

dunkin donuts

#5 - Dunkin’ Donuts – 15,000 locations worldwide - This American donut company came a long way since its inception in 1950, with over 15,000 locations in 37 countries. It’s interesting that more than half of its revenue comes from selling coffee – not donuts – making Starbucks its main competitor.


#4 – KFC – 18,900 locations worldwide - Who doesn’t like some KFC chicken now and then. Although it’s the 4th biggest chain, it’s 2nd biggest in terms of sales, right after McDonald’s.


#3 – Starbucks – 20,200 locations worldwide - Everyone’s favorite coffee maker lands on the #3 spot on our list as the first chain with over 20,000 locations. Starbucks has seen enormous growth in popularity in the last few years, brining its revenue up to a staggering $15 billion a year.


#2 – McDonald’s – over 35,000 locations worldwide - This might come as a surprise, but McDonald’s doesn’t have the most restaurant locations in the world. However, this doesn’t stop it from being the absolute champion when it comes to revenue, as the company makes about 27.5 billion dollars.


#1 – Subway – 42,000 locations worldwide - Title of world’s largest restaurant operator goes to Subway with nearly 42,000 locations in 105 countries. Although the popular sandwich maker doesn’t have brand visibility, nor revenues of McDonald’s, if it continue to grow at the current rate it might take the #1 spot in terms of revenue as one point in time.