Top 10 Biggest Facebook Pages 2013

As the world’s biggest social network, Facebook currently has over 1 billion active users, with people using it to communicate from all over the planet.

One of the popular aspects of Facebook are it’s fan pages, with almost any product ever made having it’s own FB page.

Just like the YouTube likes, the total number of likes on Facebook has become somewhat of a popularity, and even a global success indicator.

So today we are bringing you the top 10 list of the biggest Facebook pages at the moment. Check it out below.

10. Coca-Cola – 58.16 million

Biggest Facebook Page Coca Cola

Opening our list with over 58 million likes is the #1 drink brand in the world, the globally renowned Coca Cola. Originally introduced way back in 1886, the popular Coke has truly come a long way.

9. Harry Potter – 58.48 million

Harry Potter Facebook Page

Barely beating Coca Cola, Harry Potter has managed to bag almost 58.5 million of Facebook fans. As one of the biggest book and movie franchises in the world, it is no wonder that the world’s most popular teenage wizard has found his place on our top list.

8. Shakira – 59.77 million

Biggest FB Page Shakira

The highest-selling Columbian artist of all time, the multi-platinum pop star Shakira lands at our #8 with a number of Facebook fans similar to the number of records she has sold in her career – an impressive 60 million.

7. The Simpsons – 60.16 million

Largest Facebook Page Simpsons

As the first page to officially cross the 60 million mark, the iconic Simpsons show is in it’s 24th airing season and proudly carries the title of the longest-running American sitcom.

6. Eminem – 65.53 million

Largest FB Page Eminem

Some call him the most popular rapper in the world, and according to FB likes, he is. With over 65 million likes, Eminem has left many rap superstars behind, and almost managed to take the #1 music artist Facebook page title, but has barely missed it so far. With over 20 years spent in the music industry, this 40-year-old has managed to sell over 100 million albums worldwide.

5. Rihanna – 65.86 million

Most Facebook Fans Rihanna

The #1 musician on Facebook, the superstar from Barbados with almost 66 million likes, Rihanna is currently ranked among the most powerful celebrities in the world with estimated yearly earnings of $53 million. Being 24 years old, she still has many years to fully build her career and establish herself as one of the biggest pop acts ever.

4. Texas HoldEm Poker – 68.05 million

Texas Hold Em Poker Biggest Page

Giving us a bit of a break from show biz, the biggest game on Facebook, Texas HoldEm Poker, has bagged a total of over 68 million fans. If you are not playing it, chances are you know at least one online player yourself.

3. YouYube – 69.03 million

Biggest Page YouTube Facebook

As the biggest video streaming website in the world and the third biggest website on the Internet, YouTube has easily landed on our #3 and scored a total of over 69 million Facebook fans, also cracking the top 3.

2. Facebook – 85.82 million

Biggest Page Facebook

And the #2 Facebook page is – well, Facebook. The official page of Facebook itself currently has over 85 million likes, making it the second biggest Facebook page at the moment. But technically, there’s an even bigger page out there, over twice the size of this one to be precise.

1. Facebook for Every Phone – 193.52 million

Biggest Facebook Page

Proving the absolute domination of Facebook on Facebook (lol), the Facebook for Every Phone slams the rest of the competition with over two times more likes than the #2 page and a whopping figure of 193.52 million fans worldwide. It’s the official page of Facebook phone app you’ve most probably used. With Facebook being the world’s biggest social network and the smartphones being used by millions around the globe, it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise.