Biggest Aquarium in the World

Fishes are one of the most popular pets in the world, besides cats and dogs. They are commonly kept in aquariums that usually don’t exceed the size of 30 gallons (113.5 liters).

Some luxury homes or hotels have larger aquariums, reaching the sizes of hundreds, and even thousands of gallons. However these are far from the biggest aquarium in the world.

World’s biggest aquarium is located in Atlanta, Georgia and it’s called “Georgia Aquarium”, that is a home to more than 120,000 fishes, different sea creatures and even sharks! If you are wondering how it can house so many creatures, it’s because of it’s enormous size of 6,3 million gallons (23,85 million liters).

biggest aquarium in the world

biggest aquarium

Another really interesting thing about the Georgia Aquarium is the exhibit “The Ocean Voyager”. It showcases the whale sharks and features a huge tunnel where people can actually sit and admire the underwater life, viewing it from all angles. This is actually the world’s second largest viewing window.

ocean voyager

ocean voyager georgia aquarium