8 Pointless Guinness World Records

Milk Squirting Eye Guinness

Farthest Squirting of Milk From an Eye - Yup, your read it right. Mr. Ilker Yilmaz from Turkey scored this prestigious record, squirting milk from his eye  9 feet and 2 inches (279.5 cm) across the room.

Most Straws Stuffed Mouth Record

Most Straws Stuffed in Mouth - Once again something to put in your CV – most straws stuffed in mouth record was accomplished by Simon Elmore from Germany who managed to maintain 400 straws between his lips for 10 seconds.

Most Barf Bags Record

Largest Collection of Barf Bags - People collect everything, including vomiting bags from airplanes. Niek Vermeulen from Netherlands has a total of 5568 of them – it might seem weird, but barf bags aren’t that easy to come upon. And just look at that sexy photo!

Most Eggs Crushed With Head

Most Eggs Crushed With Head in One Minute - Ashrita Furman is a proud owner of over 300 pointless Guinness Book records, one of them being most egg crushed with head under a minute.

Most Snails on Face Record

Most Snails on Face - A record bound to give some of you the creeps, most snails on face title is held by Sandy from Utah who neatly placed 43 of these little guys on her face.

Most People Brushing Teeth

Most People Brushing Teeth Simultaneously – We have a group effort this time around – about 10,800 students from the Philippines joined forces and brushed their teeth at the same time for yet another pointless record.

Most Bricks Broken Egg

Most Concrete Blocks Broken While Holding a Raw Egg – How to make a seemingly regular record kooky? Make the person trying to achieve it hold an egg while doing it, of course. By the way, the record number is 24 and the point is that the egg mustn’t be broken.

World’s Loudest Burp – We’ll just leave you with this kind lad.