10 Most Popular Beers in the World

Best Selling Beer in the World

10. Asahi Super Dry – 12.3 million barrels - Renowned Japanese beer brand Asahi Super Dry gets to kick off our list as the country’s best-selling beer. According to the latest info, Asahi is also finding its way to foreign markets.

Most Popular Beer in the World

9. Brahma – 17.4 million barrels - We’ll drift away from Japan to Brazil where our No. 9 contender is produced. As the top-selling beer in Brazil, Brahma scored impressive global sales of 17.4 million barrels.

Best Selling US Beer

8. Miller Lite – 18 million barrels - Commonly dubbed as one of the finest US beers, Miller Lite scored a No. 4 spot in its country and a No. 8 global rank. It also goes to confirm the US preference toward light beers.

Most Popular Light Beer

7. Coors Light – 18.2 million barrels - The third most popular beer in the US scored a major sales jump in recent years, going far enough to become the official beer of NASCAR. Once again, light beer preference is clearly visible among the US crowd.

Best Selling Beer Heineken

6. – Heineken – 26 million barrels - A definite global brand and a synonym for top-quality beer, Heineken gets us closer to our list’s mid section. On average, Heineken goes for $29.82 per case in the US.

Best Selling Beer Ever

5. Skol – 29.5 million barrels - Cracking the list in half comes Skol, a global brand yet to breach the US market. Despite the lack of US popularity, the brand scored an impressive 29.5 million barrels sales mark.

Best Selling Beer Corona

4. Corona Extra – 30.4 million barrels - Corona is basically a synonym for Mexican beer and therefore a globally renowned brand. It’s also the first one to cross the 30 million mark on our list.

Best Selling Beer US

3. Budweiser – 38.7 million barrels - The most dominant beer brand in the US and a part of Anheuser-Busch company, Budweiser is the name you might have expected to see at the top. Some of the company’s other notable brands include Busch, Bud Light, Michelob and more.

Best Selling Beer Bud Light

2. Bud Light – 45.4 million barrels - Taking the title of the most popular beer in the US, Bud Light still didn’t manage to reach the No. 1 spot on a global scale. That spot belongs to a different beer brand you might even find obscure in certain sense.

Most Popular Beer

1. Snow Beer – 50.8 million barrels - China’s best-selling beer brand Snow Beer gets the title of the world’s most popular beer with an impressive sale figure of 50.8 million barrels. Although its consumers are mostly based in China, the numbers definitely speak for themselves.