10 Highest IQs of All Time

Stephen Hawking IQ

10. Stephen Hawking – IQ 160 - The renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking gets to open the list with an IQ of 160. He is widely known for his best-selling book “A History of Time.”

Alert Einstein IQ

9. Albert Einstein – IQ 160 – 190 - One of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, is the mind behind the scientifically critical theory of relativity. According to expert estimates, he had an IQ between 160 and 190.

Judit Polgar IQ

8. Judit Polgar – IQ 170 - The first woman ever to beat the legendary Garry Kasparov, Judit Polgar only goes to show that chess is by all means a game tightly associated with intellectual prowess.

Leonardo da Vinci IQ

7. Leonardo da Vinci – IQ 180 – 190 - It’s hard to give a precise number whet it comes to Leonardo da Vinci’s IQ, but experts agree that one of humanity’s greatest minds reached the figure ranging from 180 to 190.

Highest IQ Ever

6. Marilyn Vos Savant – IQ 190 - Back in the ’80s, Marilyn Vos Savant was the proud owner of the highest IQ ever title. She became famous for her column “Ask Marilyn.

Garry Kasparov IQ

5. Garry Kasparov – IQ 194 - Chess legend Garry Kasparov cracks the list in half with an IQ of 194. From 1986 to 2005, he was ranked No. 1 for 225 out of 228 weeks, a feat likely never to be repeated.

Kim Ung-Yong IQ

4. Kim Ung-Yong – IQ 210 - This man might shock you with the opportunities he decided to pass during his life. Born in Korea, Kim Ung-Yong was able to read English, German, Japanese and Korean by the age of 3. He was even hired by NASA, but was disappointed with the renowned agency and had quickly quit. He works as a teacher in his native country.

Christohper Hirata IQ

3. Christopher Hirata – IQ 225 - Child prodigy Christopher Hirata became the youngest american ever to win the gold medal at International Physics Olympiad, being only 13 at the time. He enrolled in the California Institute of Technology at 14, and got a PhD from Princeton at the age of 22. He later returned to the California Institute of Technology to teach astrophysics, which he still does today.

Tarence Tao IQ

2. Tarence Tao – IQ 225 – 230 - Rising to prominence as a child prodigy from Australia, Tarence Tao sill counts as one of the most renowned mathematicians of today.

William James Sidis IQ

1. William James Sidis – IQ 250 – 300 - Born in 1898, William James Sidis had the highest IQ known to man, ranging from 250 to 300. He entered Harvard for mathematics studies at the age of 11, but after he had finished them, his life took a bad turn. He was ultimately put in a sanatorium by his parents and had abandoned science altogether. He passed away at the age of 46.