10 Countries With Most Breast Implants

In the world we live in, physical appearance became an increasingly important factor of everyday life. Blame the internet and selfie culture for that, but fact remains, beautification is something humans have been doing nearly since the dawn of time and plastic surgeries are only one of the more recent tools of correction. We’ll focus on the good ole bewbz in this one, giving you a rundown of 10 countries with the most breast implant surgeries.

10. Greece – less than 30,000 yearly surgeries

Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

We’ll commence our journey in Europe in a country branded as more image-obsessed than the rest – Greece. Since the country is going through a major economic crisis, its citizens are often forced to visit neighboring countries for plastic surgeries, most commonly Bulgaria, where breast augmentations on average cost 30 to 50 percent less than in Greece.

9. United Kingdom – 30,000 yearly surgeries

Breast Plastic Surgery UK

Up next is the UK with a yearly average of 30,000 breast augmentations. With procedure prices ranging between $7,000 and $9,000, it’s quite a lucrative business to say the least. Augmented breasts have easily found their way into the country’s popular culture, with many prominent figures, such as Victoria Beckham, rocking a set of fake ones.

8. Canada – 30,000 surgeries per year

Plastic Surgery Breast Canada

With a similar average as the UK, Canada is up next. Although many associate it with the States and might expect the country to be ranked higher up on the list, Canada is in fact less image-obsessed than its southern neighbor, rounding up a fairly low average when total population number is considered. Still good enough for the Top 10, though.

7. Russia – over 30,000 surgeries per year

Plastic Surgery Russia

Russia is a country known for beautiful women, but breast surgeries still found their way into the pop culture. The country might be pointing out the pretty faces of its ladies, but some of them still opt to enhance their features with a breast augmentation. In total, Russia ranks just above Canada with over 30,000 yearly surgeries.

6. Spain – 38,800 surgeries per year

Breast Implants Spain

As the rest of the list will neatly point out, latin countries are somewhat obsessed with breast surgeries. First off, we have Spain with just under 40,000 procedures per year. An additional factor that makes breast implants so common is the cost, as surgeries of this type come quite cheap in Spain. Add the traditional image obsession to the mix and you get a lucrative business.

5. Columbia/Venezuela – around 42,000 surgeries per year each

Breast Plastic Surgery Venezuela

In recent times, South America has garnered a notorious reputation when it comes to plastic surgeries. Little girls look up to overly-modified pop culture stars, dreaming of breast augmentation from very early age. Some of them receive their first implant as early as the age of 16. Announcing the latin region on the list, we bring you Columbia and Venezuela, who amassed a joint total of 82,900 surgeries in a single year.

4. Germany – 55,160 surgeries per year

Breast Surgery Implants Silicone

We’re back in Europe now, as Germany reels in an impressive total of slightly over 55,000 annual surgeries. Considering the population and overall factors, this is quite a figure. Additionally, Germany leads the way in another similar department as the world’s No. 1 country in the number of penile enhancements.

3. Mexico – 57,690 surgeries per year

Breast Silicone Surgery Mexico

Back in the silicone-obsessed region of Latin America, we’re visiting Mexico and its annual total of over 57,000 breast augmentation surgeries. Since the country has a lower life standard, surgeries come cheap, allowing Mexico to develop the so-called branch of “medical tourism,” where visitors from around the globe flock the country only to get silicone implants.

2. Brazil – 226,000 surgeries per year

Breast Surgery Silicone Brazil

Talk about picking it up a notch! With an astonishing number of 226,000 yearly surgeries, Brazil is the Mecca for breast surgeries. It’s peculiar to which extent plastic surgeries have found their way into the very fabric of pop culture, as silicone procedures are often given as presents for birthdays or other notable celebrations.

1. USA – 313,700 surgeries per year

Plastic Breast Surgery America

We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1! Today in Daily Dose of ‘Murica, the States expectedly claim the throne of the most breast-augmented country in the world with an eye-popping total of over 300,000 procedures on a yearly basis. Although US began the whole trend, South America has been getting increasingly closer every year, so it might be safe to say that the table will turn soon. But until then, we’re No. 1!